BaLance Studios - Life is full of music - are you making any?
The only thing better than listening to good music is... Playing good music!
When I was a four or five years old I used to drag my dad's guitar around and act like I was playing it. I wanted so badly to be able to play guitar like my dad and uncle. I remember making toy guitars with rubber band strings... it was great fun... but I couldn't wait to play the real thing!
For some reason, the music teachers back then told my parents that they shouldn't let me take lessons until I was at least ten years old. I think that if they would have started me sooner, I would have caught on and learned how to play... but I did not have that chance. I did finally start when I was ten years old. It seemed like it took me forever to learn to play, learning how to move my fingers, read notes and use a pick all at once wasn't easy.
Our plan... 1. Get the fingers moving - finger exercises and scales
2. Start some basic chords - you'll be playing a song within a month or so.
3. Start learning the notes - one string at a time.
4. Work on songs and music you want to learn.
I don't think you're every too young or old.
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